Through targeted social media campaigns, optimized website design, and effective email marketing, our digital agency helped Blini Fashion House establish itself as a successful and recognizable brand on a global scale.

Project Details

Likuid Helps Blini Fashion House Reach New Heights of Success with Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services.

When Blini Fashion House first approached the creative agency Likuid, they were a small and relatively unknown brand with a limited online presence. However, with the help of Likuid's expertise in digital marketing, Blini Fashion House was able to reach new heights of success in just two short years.

One of the key ways Likuid helped Blini Fashion House grow was through social media marketing. The agency developed a comprehensive strategy that included creating and scheduling engaging content, running targeted ads, and building relationships with influencers. As a result, Blini Fashion House's social media following exploded, reaching over 330k followers within just two years.

In addition to social media marketing, Likuid also provided Blini Fashion House with top-notch content creation services. The agency's team of talented writers and designers helped the fashion brand develop a strong brand voice and visual identity, and created a steady stream of high-quality blog posts, ebooks, and other content that resonated with their target audience.

To support the brand's growing online presence, Likuid also provided ecommerce development services, including building and optimizing a website that was easy for customers to use and made it simple for Blini Fashion House to manage and update their product listings. As a result, the fashion brand saw a significant increase in online sales and completed over 550 orders within the two-year period.

Finally, Likuid's lead generation efforts helped Blini Fashion House capture and convert qualified leads into paying customers. The agency implemented targeted email marketing campaigns, developed optimized landing pages and forms, and used lead scoring to prioritize the most promising leads. These efforts helped Blini Fashion House generate a steady stream of qualified leads and grow their customer base.

Overall, it's clear that the creative agency Likuid played a crucial role in helping Blini Fashion House achieve such impressive growth and success. From social media marketing and content creation to ecommerce development and lead generation, Likuid provided the fashion brand with a full suite of digital marketing services that helped them reach new heights.

2019 - 2022

We’ve been working together with Likuid since 2019 and can’t imagine working without them.

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